If March seems to be a bridge month between the long days of winter and the coming trees and flowers of spring, that’s because it is.


It is also the perfect time for you to go through your home, get rid of things you meant to toss before the holidays and plan for this year’s decorating mission.

The stores are on fire with season end sales, just waiting for you to come in and find your treasures. If you’re an online shopper, you will be delighted to see all the huge sales being offered by Way Fair, eBay and others. Some stores in your local area also offer special discounts if you see what you want online and come in to see and try the item on for size in their store. Don’t miss out on these great bargains!

So, what color do you want to paint your house this year? Remember what I’ve said for the past three years.Color spices up our interiors and can be changed. Don’t get stuck in a rut just because you painted your rooms in last year’s offerings. If you chose a neutral color for your walls—Great! What do you want to do to accent walls?

Take a walk through those stone quarry stores and fall in love with a slab or two. They’re not just for countertops. You can mount them behind the sofa as a great piece of art! Look at one to use behind your bed as a beautiful headboard. If you have a grand entrance, look at one as a possible waterfall wall to welcome your guests into the house. There are so many uses for these slabs.

Don’t forget the artwork! There are so many great canvasses out there. Look at an oversized piece for a main wall in your living room. You may even take a color in that piece and make that the wall color in that room.

Especially shop locally if you are interested in replacing your mattress. The On-line folks offer the convenience of delivery right to your front porch, but a mattress needs to fit. If you are not comfortable on it, there is no return policy on used mattresses. Go try some on, you’d be surprised at how quickly your body will tell you that you have found the right one. Remember, if you are sleeping on clothe mattresses to change them every eight years, even if the mattress has a twenty-year warranty. You should also turn the mattress over every year.

During your spring cleaning, dust off your shades and launder your sheers. They collect dust that may not be easily seen but can begin a cycle of sneezing and allergies in the family. We don’t think of being allergic to the air in our homes, but the vents need to be cleaned and new air filters put in at least every six months.

Stay healthy out there, enjoy this in between season and happy designing!

Carol S Townsend A.S.I.D
[email protected]

Look for my latest books, Glitz, Glamour & Murder and the sequel. Follow the Money available on Kindle, get ready for my 2020 offerings as well!

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