The word for this month’s theme is Accessorize.


I know in the past I have covered this subject but look around you. Spring is in the air and mother earth is accessorizing by new buds on the trees, flowering trees and bushes, and my pot planted last year my first Bird of Paradise bloom is poking its beautiful crown of orange and purple up through the waxy leaves of the plants.

So, what does this mean for you? Let’s start at the floor. So many people install new floors, then put the furniture down on that new surface. But, if you want to bring color and excitement in, look at some beautiful area rugs to put down under that cool cocktail table you found for in front of the sofa. Some rugs are really pieces of art. I had one customer who just wanted to put a black rug down in front of her white sofa. Voila! Then I took her shopping and a huge pool of ideas burst onto the scene.

One was black and white and a real showstopper. It had a scene right out of the art world, with fields of white and shadows with a full moon shining through the black limbs of a winter scape.

One customer asked me to come give her an idea since her floors were polished concrete. This was certainly a no brainer since she had pretty much decorated in muted tones of blacks. Color! We found an area rug that looked like a Monet painting. We also found a sofa and loveseat in a gorgeous jewel toned turquoise. When we had it delivered and placed, she suddenly woke up and said we need color on the walls! Let’s find some great artwork. Now that’s getting in the mood for change.

When you accessorize, start from the floor up, rather than from the walls down. It certainly helped us decide on what lighting she wanted to add once we had these pieces anchoring the space.

Stay healthy out there, I know we are in the midst of one of the world’s biggest health challenges in a decade or so.
Be wise, but don’t let yourself and your goals get sidetracked. We must enjoy the homes we bought, not hide away in them.

Carol S Townsend A.S.I.D
[email protected]

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