Hot summer bods are the new trend.


It’s beautiful and hot out, perfect weather to hit the beaches and show off that nice body that you’ve been working so hard on. When it comes to being fit, it’s all about how strong your core is. Core exercises help train the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work together. Enlisted below is a helpful guide to get that core as strong as your abs.

Differences between core and abs:

First, let’s establish the key difference between the core and the abs. The core covers all the areas that contain the muscles in the ab area that is designed for strength and stability, and abs are the actual muscles that you see. Think of the core as the setting foundation for abs to build on.

Core Workouts:

There are multiple workouts that are meant to strengthen the core area. However, there are a few popular workouts that should be taken into consideration upon creating the perfect core, and it may even challenge the core. To start there are flutter kicks, Russian twists, side bridges, reverse crunch and Planks. All which are meant to target the core precisely, and by adding ankle weights or a weighted vest you can make it more of a challenge.

Ab Workouts:

When it comes to ab workouts, there is a wide variety of exercises that targets the ab area. The ones that are the most common are: sit ups, knee crunches, climbers, leg raises, and scissors. All meant to target the abs by benefiting the core. These exercises are considered adequate when also done in repetitions.

Some of the benefits to having a strong core, is being able to maintain mobility, improve stability and sports performance, decrease back pain, and help in an active lifestyle. Whether you are at the beginning stages of being fit or if you are at the advanced level of being fit these core and ab exercises are still great in adding into your daily workout routines.

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