It is the hottest time of the year and temperatures are only getting hotter.


This is the time of year that times are spent mostly outdoors out at the beach and enjoying summer vacations. Just like any other season, we must adjust our normal skin care routines accordingly so that way we can accommodate the change. It’s best to have a plan already set in place and to know what your options are, so that way you can the best skin care products for your face.


No one sweats more any other time of the year other than summer, especially men. Whether you are working out or working outdoors, it is recommended to purchase the best cleanser you can find. This is the most important step in a skin care routine. Why? Sweat can accumulate oils and bacteria and eventually sit into your pores causing your skin to break out and to cause acne. Try using an all-natural cleanser, twice a day.


Being out in this heat can dry out your skin big time. Having dry skin, can make you look tired and causes your skin to age faster. It is important that after cleansing, you use a good moisturizer to restore some of the moisture that is being lost in the heat. The best kind of moisturizer is one that offers anti-aging benefits in it.


It is important that you take care of your skin, during summer. After cleansing and moisturizing it is a must to add SPF to your routine. SPF protects your skin from the harmful UV rays that you are being exposed to while spending your time outdoors. Be sure that when finding the skin care that is right for you, that you are finding one that suits your skin type, whether you are normal to dry or oily.

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