For the most part, reaching in our bags for that new fall color lipstick hasn’t been the typical norm lately. It can be easy to lose motivation on applying make up before leaving the house or before getting to where we are going due to Covid. So, why not work with what we have? There are other ways that you can make your features stand out.

Over Liner

For those who love the traditional wing eye liner look, here is a little something that you can add to enhance that look. The added over liner, is the new spruce to the wing. It is easy to do and you can play with color to make it fun!

Add That Glow

There are so many products designed to add shimmer to your overall look, try and find one that you can apply right above the cheekbone and around the eyes. When you step out the house you are sure to glow.

Smokey Eyes

Smeared eye liner has always been embraced by the brave, add a touch to your already applied eyeliner and you have created a sultry smokey eye look. The more eyeliner the more your eyes will stand out.

Fluffy Eyebrows

Brush those arches up, try not to add color to the brows, just fluff. This is the new look designed to surely stand out.

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