Before quarantine took place, Valentine’s Day used to be a time where you would take a love one out and celebrate how much they mean to you. Now, with limited options on places to go and places to eat, what better way to show your love one how much they truly mean to you, right from your home

Set the Mood

Pick a spot in your home that allows you to get creative. Maybe, one that has a table that you can place a tablecloth over and has enough space for you to light some candles placed and use them as a center piece. If you do not care for candles you can always switch it up and use flowers as a centerpiece. Eye appeal is everything, try and color coordinate tablecloths to plates to balance the color coordination. 

Pick the Right Bottle of Wine

Valentine’s Day offers a large variety of chocolates. When selecting the right chocolate, it is best to find the right wine to pair it with. If you choose a red wine, pair it with anything that is of dark chocolate. If you are choosing milk chocolate, it is best to pair it with a sparkling wine. Once, you have mastered this you can master anything.

3-Course Meal

If you really want to impress your love one, provide a three-course meal. Gather the best of both worlds and add an appetizer that you both will love followed by the perfect entrée. Create a menu that is not your typical norm, but one that you guys both will enjoy very much. In the end, it is the thought that counts. Make this Valentine’s day a memorable and unique one.

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