Fine Jewelry Designer Denise Cox Shares Her Tips for Adding Sparkle to Your Zoom Look

It is one year into the Covid pandemic and many of us have grown accustomed to working from home and conducting business via video conference. While wearing comfortable clothes may have been a perk at first, women are now eager to step up their fashion game. The challenge? How to make an impact from the neck up since this is where our attention is focused when on Zoom meetings.

According to artist and fine designer, Denise Cox, the answer to looking more stylish and put-together during virtual meetings is simple: adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry.

“Not only can jewelry enhance our appearance, but it can also invoke a sense of joy especially when you wear one of your favorite pieces,” says Cox. “You communicate that joy to others effortlessly. By putting on a special necklace or an eye-catching pair of earrings, you will feel more polished, delighted, and ready to take on the day. It is a minimal effort for maximum impact. And no one will know if you are still rocking a pair of lounge pants on the bottom,” she adds.

Cox offers these 5 tips to up your accessory game and look your best on your next Zoom or other video conference:

Think Big. Statement necklaces are a great way to show off your personal style, brighten your face and maybe even spark some much welcome non-work conversation. Cox predicts that statement necklaces will be the showstoppers at all the upcoming awards shows and considers them the ‘must-have’ piece for spring.

The Earrings Have It. Now’s the time to break out those special occasion earrings you have not worn in ages, according to Cox. And the bigger and sparkler, the better! Pull your hair into a bun or ponytail, put on some dangling earrings and voilá – instant wow!

Go Bold in Gold. Cox believes solid and gold-toned jewelry is always classic and looks rich and sophisticated on camera. Gold really reflects the light and adds a glow to your complexion on video calls. “We all respond to gold,” she says.

A Pop of Color. Wearing jewelry with color is another way to bring that ‘something extra’ to your Zoom look, Cox says. She particularly loves the royal blues of lapis lazuli, rich red and orange corals, and especially turquoise! Cox insists that using color allows you to show off your personality and sense of style every single time.

Treat Yourself. While it is fun to rediscover jewelry, you have not worn in a while, nothing beats buying that brand new piece. With spring on the horizon, it is a great time to splurge on those new silver earrings or that perfect necklace you have had your eye on. We have all been practicing a bit of delayed gratification during these difficult times, Cox points out. And you have probably saved money by not travelling or going out to dinner as much, so why not indulge in the perfect piece of jewelry?

Denise Cox specializes in designing jewelry with a purpose and her one-of-kind pieces and exclusive collections can be purchased at 

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