David Datuna on Take A Bite Out of Hunger NFT Series

Photos Courtesy of Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

The Dole Sunshine Company has joined forces with acclaimed artist David Datuna to create an NFT (non-fungible token) collection inspired by their Sunshine for All™ rallying cry. The aim is to increase awareness of food insecurity and malnutrition worldwide, while raising funds toward alleviating hunger today. The works will be available for purchase via NFT auction platform Rarible.com on May 6 at 3:30pm PST.

Inspired by Datuna’s viral banana-eating moment at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2019, which earned him the moniker of “The Hungry Artist,” Dole has partnered with Datuna to create an NFT series to further the brand’s goal of making nutritious foods accessible for 1 billion people. The need for good nutrition has never been greater with nearly one-quarter of the world’s population experiencing moderate or severe food insecurity1 and globally one-third of food produced for human consumption lost or wasted2.

“I’m a big fan of companies that understand their responsibility for stewardship and admire Dole’s goals to support ending hunger, achieve food security, end food waste, and promote sustainable agriculture,” said David Datuna, the Hungry Artist. “My NFT collection for Dole, along with the physical artwork, tells this story through symbolic animations, sound and imagery.”

Artist, David Datuna

The partnership is part of the overall global Dole Promise, which aims to increase access to good nutrition, decrease food waste, plastics in packaging and greenhouse gas emissions. The brand has already been hard at work around the world, and in 2020 launched a partnership in the City of Jackson, Mississippi, with 10 public and private institutions, including the local Boys & Girls Club. Dole’s Sunshine for All TM Cities initiative brings nutritious food and education into underserved food deserts. Proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs to fund nutrition and hunger-focused programming, including Dole’s Sunshine for All Cities™ program. With this initiative, the Dole Sunshine Company is hoping to raise the funds needed to expand this program and other nutrition-focused initiatives nationally, deepening the partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs and bringing education, pop-up farmers markets and nutritious food to cities across the country, including our ongoing efforts in Jackson, and expanding to Baltimore and beyond later this year.

“Our promise to provide access to good nutrition to 1 billion people by 2025 is one we know cannot be accomplished alone. Therefore, we seek out partners like David Datuna and the BGC that are closely aligned with our values,” said Pier-Luigi Sigismondi, global president, Food and Beverages Group. “To create systemic change, we need to converge purpose with creativity, innovation and technology. This effort is the best representation of how we want to make a difference in this world. As a brand that can literally eat its purpose, David’s perspective on using art and digital technology as a platform for awareness and societal change, is one that clearly resonates and inspires us.”

Taking a Bite Out of Hunger
Datuna will create a five-part series focused on the intrinsic connection between nutrition and food security. The NFTs will represent people coming together to take a bite out of hunger. The fifth and final piece, Sunshine for All, is a pop-art inspired montage of the first four pieces highlighting the importance of closing the gaps to good nutrition for all. This work will also live as a physical piece featuring Datuna’s signature lens technique, a layered composition signifying society’s individual viewpoints.

The entire art series will go on sale on May 6. The fifth montage piece will be at auction through May 8th and will be on display in a virtual gallery (Decentraland), as well as a physical location in New York City to be announced shortly.

Net proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs to fund nutrition and hunger-focused programming, including the Sunshine for All™ Cities program. In addition, Dole is working to limit the environmental impact of the NFT sale by partnering with decarbonization advisor, Aerial, to create a climate positive solution. This will not impact the amount of funds raised by the auction and will ensure any future sales are also appropriately offset.

For more information and to follow the auctions, please visit SunshineForAll.com.

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