Like throngs of others, this June you may find yourself struggling to find that perfect gift for the important “dads” in your life, whether that be your own father, husband, boyfriend, brother or other deserving and meaningful man. While the overarching gesture of giving—recognition and appreciation for a job being well done—is most important, there are certainly a myriad of gift ideas sure to evoke genuine joy and certainly gratitude. Here are a few gift ideas that I like this season.

Cardinal Compass  

There is nothing I love more than an heirloom gift—something that can be cherished now and then passed down through the generations—and for that I adore Cardinal Compass. This modern working compass can be custom-engraved to become the perfect symbolic gift for any life milestone…or serve as a handsome gift just because. A compass can symbolize following your life’s path and staying on course, while also inspiring by making clear which way is north. Made from solid stainless steel with a gold-plated coordinate ring, the Cardinal Compass is handcrafted with the finest quality to ensure it can stand the test of time. Each compass includes personalized laser engraving and a premium gift box to make it a touching gift for Father’s Day or any other occasion or event like baptism/christenings, milestone birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and even as a memento to memorialize someone who has passed. The Cardinal Compass has brought back the age-old art of compass making, crafted out of solid stainless steel that is polished to a mirror finish. With a gold-plated coordinate ring, the Cardinal Compass was designed to provide a timeless shine. Each compass is lovingly hand assembled and made to order. With a portion of each sale going to charity, each compass also gives back by helping a former inmate find their way back into society.

Philips Hue Multicolor, Remote-Control Ambient Lighting Effects

Here’s an easy way to create a wash of colorful light to Dad’s man cave or any favorite room via a smart device with a sleek design: the Philips Hue Play Light Bar. Available as a two-pack, which includes two light bars and a power supply that connects to three lights, these lights can be stood upright, laid down or placed onto the back of your TV with the included mounts. They will transform the atmosphere of your space with just the touch of a button. Use over 16 million colors and 50,000 shades of cool or warm white light to create special moments, set the mood for a party or simply wind down for the evening. A versatile smart light, the Philips Hue Play Light Bar makes the perfect accent piece for any living room, entertainment space or media room. Outside, give the Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Spot Light a try, as it will easily expand your outdoor lighting setup. Simply plug it into any standard wall socket to get millions of shades of white or color light in your yard. With Philips Hue outdoor lighting, there is no limit to the magic you can add to any special moment. Play with 16 million colors and all shades of white light to create the effect you want. Highlight objects, trees or pathways to make your space stand out. You can even use the Hue app to save your favorite light settings and recall them whenever you want with the tap of a finger.

Volonic Valet 3 Position-Free Wireless Charging Solution

Volonic, a luxury lifestyle brand fusing innovative technologies with fashionable works of art, has introduced the new Volonic Valet 3—the world’s first customizable, free placement wireless charging solution. As a signature offering of the Volonic brand, the Valet 3 is also available for complete customization through the company’s website. Featuring a variety of elegant, world-class materials that can be tailored to compliment an endless range of sophisticated living spaces, the new Volonic Valet 3 is an industry-first. The product line offers a four-step, fully custom design buildout experience via the Volonic digital configurator. Customers are offered distinctive, world-class materials to choose from, including CNC anodized aluminum, fashion grade 100 percent authentic Alcantara and genuine full-grain leathers. Under the hood, the Volonic Valet 3 is powered by Aira Free Power technology enabling full surface charging for up to three Qi-enabled devices. Unlike traditional wireless chargers, which require devices to be precisely aligned with a small hot spot, Free Power features full surface charging from corner to corner.

TROVA GO+plus Discreet Biometric Safe Device

With TROVA GO+plus, Dad will have more space to store than ever before! Featuring 60 percent more capacity than the company’s GO model (same length and width, but 30 percent deeper) this discreet, portable, biometric safe is designed for daily storage of your private rituals and objects. This physical storage device prevents inappropriate audiences from accessing jewelry, prescription drugs, smoking accessories or any other private objects that require discretion. Perfect for pockets, backpacks, briefcases, handbags or athletic gear, it is designed to be overlooked, mimicking a hard drive or battery, so only you know its contents. This small, yet essential, accessory gives you worry-free mobility. Constructed of strong Aluminum Alloy to safely secure your belongings, the TROVA GO+plus features a high-quality premium CNC finish. It also may be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth technology and accessible through biometric scanning. Designed for multi-function use, the increased capacity in the lid is designed to hold larger watches, a more complete smoking apparatus or more valuables in general. Sealed to conceal odor, the upper lid strap is also designed to conveniently hold rings via a magnetic closure, and it is designed to easily fit in a bag pocket or be carried in your hand.

Syosaku Japanese Multi-Purpose Chef Knife

The Syosaku Japanese multi-purpose chef kitchen knife is the perfect gift for kitchen-driven Dads this Father’s Day. Handcrafted in Sakai, Japan, where more than 90 percent of Japanese professional chef knives are produced, each is crafted one at a time manually by highly skilled Japanese master artisans. It outperforms industrially mass-produced products from every aspect. The master craftsmanship shines through in every single product. Ready to use out of the box with ruthless sharpness, the core is the newly developed high carbon stainless steel ZA18 (HRC 62-63) produced in Japan, which is extremely durable. Combined with 69-layer clad Damascus construction, it gives exceptional sharpness, edge retention, durability and ease of sharpening at the same time. You can easily feel your upgraded technique level just by using a Syosaku Knife. But make sure Dad knowns to hand wash only and regularly sharpen on quality whetstones. Ideal for everyday chef handling daily kitchen tasks, whether professional or non-professional, Dad can cut, dice, slice, mince and chop with one knife. It is double-edged, so it doesn’t matter what hand is used. The high chromium content of the ZA18 alloy combined with the outer Damascus steel realizes extreme stain and corrosion resistance. The material used for the handle is taken from center core of Walnut tree, which is water-resistant and non-slip. The ergonomically designed octagonal handle and perfectly balanced construction make using it comfortable, even for long-time use. An exquisite outer steel eliminates friction and keeps food from sticking. The Japanese-style Walnut wood handle with a beautiful Water Buffalo Horn bolster (color may vary) adds more visual accents. High carbon content combined with special production techniques gives exceptional hardness (HRC 62-63) to the core. The hardness allows the thinner blade edge, resulting in razor sharpness.

truMedic truShiatsu PRO Foot Massager with Heat

Here’s a great way to help Dad relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. The truMedic truShiatsu PRO Foot Massager with Heat is equipped with professional-quality massage technology to provide a relaxing, tailored massage on his own schedule. Forget about booking expensive massage appointments when he can enjoy this device in the comfort of his own home. This massager has three different time settings, three intensities and optional heat functionality allowing users to treat their feet to a professional-quality Shiatsu massage without leaving the house. The truShiatsu PRO targets specific acupressure points in your feet with its combination of rollers, heat and airbag compression. It targets specific reflexology points to provide complete stress and soreness-relief in every session. Plus, it’s ergonomically designed to complement the structure of the human foot for maximum relaxation. When not in use just store it away in a closet.

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