Things are slowly starting to “get back to normal” and let’s all admit we are excited to be welcoming in a new year.. Even though, masks being required is still in effect as well as social distancing, this doesn’t mean that we can’t try new things to enhance our look. 

This year alone, we’ve had some creativity in production between styling our eyebrows and trying out new lashes. Our eyes are our main point of contact, when it comes to interacting with others, and the first thing that will stand out. Listed below are the top 5 eyeliner trends that have been taking over 2021.

Classic Cat Eyeliner

The classic cat eyeliner look, has been around for years, and is easy to do. It consists of using the liner on both top and bottom lid.

Graphic Eyeliner

The graphic eyeliner is the fun fearless dramatic look of a combination between a winged eye liner style with a line above the inner lash line extending all the way out and the bottom liner following the bottom lash curving out, ending where the winged eye liner ends. 

Fishtail Eyeliner

The Fishtail Eyeliner is for those who dare to be different. It’s a cat line on top of eye lid along with the bottom mirroring, followed by a split which looks like a sideways “v” (<) reflecting the image of a fishtail.

Double winged Eyeliner

The double winged eyeliner, is the perfect duo. Exactly what the name represents.. It is a winged eye-line for both top and bottom lids. You can have fun by switching up the colors to accommodate your outfit of the day.

Spotted Eyeliner

The spotted eyeliner is a fun and creative look, where a short or long wing eyeliner is established, there are three dots following under. You can utilize this look for a fun girls night out.

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