This year has been an unforeseen type of year. A lot of businesses have taken a hit due to Covid rules and regulations. There isn’t as many sales as there would have been if things were the way they used to be. There were probably days that your business didn’t have any sales and some days that your business may have done well. Due to the pandemic, online shopping has become more popular than ever. If you haven’t acquired digital marketing by now you need to. We’re only a couple of weeks away from the New Year and digital platform is an evolving thing. Here are some marketing tips on how you can take advantage of the New Year to boost your sales in your business.

Send a New Year’s Email

Whether you have a hundred clients or fifty, this is your clientele. These are still people who have bought or is buying from you. Make them feel important, send a Happy New Year’s Email, not necessarily offering them a discount or selling to them but simply just wishing them the best for the New Year. Best tip yet, send the emails before the New Year, your chances are higher of being noticed than sending on New Year’s Day.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms

Social media is not only popular but almost mandatory to have to be successful. This is how you get noticed with your business. It is the way that people discover their needs, whether it’s Real Estate, Financial Consultants, Marketing Team, etc. Social media helps connect everyone together.

You can take advantage of the New Year by marketing your brand. You can offer discounts or promotions by creating a post and having your viewers, like, follow, comment, share etc. to help gain and maintain exposure.

Promote Contests

It is important that you are promoting engaging content. People don’t want to just read your posts but also want to feel involved in your posts. You can create a fun contest such as post an inspiring quote and tag your business for a chance to win something. You can also generate your own hashtag that reflects your company and use that as well. If you do decide to do something like this, create a deadline and be consistent with acknowledging those who participate.

Marketing Campaigns

As a business owner it is crucial that you have great marketing tools when promoting your business. You can create posts to promote your business and posts that offer promotion codes. Try and implement your business logo in all your posts that way if they get shared others will see and it will help your business with exposure.

New Year’s Special

It’s okay to offer a good discount for the New Year, but it is best recommended to try and offer something that is different than what you normally offer on New Year’s Day only. Then try something slightly different for the rest of the week. That way those who missed New Year’s Day deal can still take advantage of something throughout the week.

Every New year gives you new opportunities to market your business and to do something different than the year before. Whatever may have not worked before, may work now, but with a different approach.

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