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Czinger Vehicles has selected Shamin Abas Communications for Ultra-Luxury Brands for strategic global representation. The alignment signals an enhanced focus on the brand’s media relations and communications as their pathbreaking 21C hypercar comes to market and a stake in the ground as they pioneer a new, sustainable era in automotive design and manufacturing.

The Los-Angeles-based brand founded on the core ethos of utilizing revolutionary, proprietary technology to create vehicles equipped with both dominating performance and iconic design, Czinger’s first production car, the 21C, represents a radical transformation of the manufacturing sector and the future of human-AI design and sustainable systems. First deliveries of the 21C are set for 2023 and production is limited to 80 cars, each with a price tag of $2 million. The model represents just the first in a diverse series of exclusive performance vehicles coming from the informed imagination of the Czinger team and created using its groundbreaking methods.

“The 21C is the result of years of development and design, and serves as a realization of our proprietary technology,” said Czinger Founder and CEO Kevin Czinger. “As we sought out a communications partner, we knew we needed a firm not only highly skilled and connected in the ultra-luxury and automotive spaces, but a team who innately understands how to effectively reach some of the most discerning collectors in the world. Shamin Abas Communications knows this very unique space well and has a proven track record of success.”

As a specialist in the Ultra-High-Net-Worth arena, with a deep understanding of the mindset and passions of this often

hard-to-reach individual, the ultra-luxury brands that have entrusted the New York-based firm to assist with growth in this space include Ferrari North America, Triton Submarines, Riva, Lift Foils, Steinway & Sons, Dom Pérignon, EDEN Singapore, Burgess, Bell Flight, NetJets, Ferretti Yachts, MB&F and others. President and CEO Shamin Abas is also a co-founder of The Bridge, a by-invitation classic car exhibition held annually in the Hamptons, that draws some of the most prolific collectors in the world, alongside a host of global ultra-luxury brands as sponsors.

Said Abas, “Czinger represents the future of automotive design manufacturing. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to align and with our customized, tailored approach, to share their story to further their objective of becoming one of the enduring brands of this century.”

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