A Solo Art Exhibition Debuts at The Manolis Projects Gallery

Photo Courtesy of Manolis Projects

Manolis Projects is Florida’s largest working studio and fine art gallery, located in Miami’s Lemon City neighborhood. We proudly feature unique paintings, sculptures and collectible limited edition works from over 40 artists from around the world. We focus on modern master’s and contemporary art, bridging the gap between established and emerging artists and collectors. J. Steven Manolis, a leading and critically acclaimed abstract expressionist artist, also paints and displays his own work.

Lavera’s vibrant, larger-than-life, monumental art installations will grace the gallery’s walls while attendees become captivated with Lavera’s contemporary approach to Neo-Expressionism. Fernanda’s work is known for contemporary audiences with expressive subtext.

The Manolis Projects exhibit is comprised of nearly 30 new stunning art pieces that have wowed collectors like billionaire political commentator, David Rubin, and legendary music producer, Clive Davis (who will be present during this event). It is sure to be a powerful and noteworthy artistic blockbuster!

Following Lavera’s launch of the Manolis Projects last April 2021, this exhibition is going to be an epic event for Fernanda Lavera’s painting career.  Serious art collectors and lovers alike will be in attendance to get first access to the exhibition’s masterpieces.

In addition, a thrilling party will be held for this exhibition launch and aims to make it an event of this scale happen!

An in-depth exhibition essay by legendary art critic, artist, and art historian, Bruce Helander highlights Fernanda on the front cover of ELEVATED offering rave reviews of the new exhibition.

For more information about Lavera or her art, please visit www.manolisprojects.com

María Fernanda Lavera is a Miami-based contemporary artist, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. At a young age, she discovered her fascination for art and painting through an aunt and has since had a passion for sketching and textures. At first glance, Lavera’s paintings appear to be wall images or graffiti that captures the human eye, but her usage of hypnotic colors and bluntness with a brush set her apart from the rest.

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